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the death of the venture-backed IPO

Others have written about it, but for fun/work I put together a compressed version of how the global macroeconomic crisis we’re experiencing ties in with the IPO drought we’re experiencing … Continue reading

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Thank you Mr. Wilson

Fred Wilson just picked SecondMarket as his #4 wish for the New Year.  Talk about a great late x-mas present.  And for the record, I think I agree with all … Continue reading

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Economics Must Reading

My friends think I’m nuts and my family seems to like me less for it, but I’ve spent my last two vacations catching up on my Economics.  In no particular … Continue reading

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Social Security – reliant on technological progress

The fate of Social Security in the US relies on economic growth, especially as enabled by technological progress (by which I mean here specifically the type that crops up in a … Continue reading

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The bane of counterfeit drugs…

I wrote about this in an article through the Hope Street Group earlier this year — these tragedies continue… Poisoned medicine kills dozens of children in Nigeria Story Highlights More … Continue reading

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Book Review: Moral Consequences of Economic Growth

Just finished reading The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth, by Benjamin Friedman — strongly recommended for anyone interested in the intersection of economics and moral theory, economic growth, and/or political … Continue reading

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No more

Losing the papertrail…

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